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NRI benefits from LTR by aturchatur from Delhi's Man Cell. How?

Legal Technical Representation (LTR) is a revolutionary concept in India that provides legal representation and support to husbands who are victims of false cases filed by their wives. The purpose of LTR is to ensure that men are not harassed, intimidated, and falsely accused in the Indian legal system. The concept of LTR has gained immense popularity in recent years and has helped countless men get justice in the Indian courts.

The story of Rajesh, a young software engineer from Delhi, perfectly illustrates the benefits of LTR. Rajesh was a happy and content man who was deeply in love with his wife, Priya. They had been married for five years and had a son named Rohit. However, their happily ever after was not meant to be. Priya started showing her true colors soon after their marriage. She was an abusive and violent person who used to physically and emotionally torment Rajesh. Despite his best efforts to resolve their issues, Priya's behavior only worsened over time.

One day, Priya filed a false case of domestic violence and dowry harassment against Rajesh. She accused him of mistreating her and demanding dowry from her family. Rajesh was shocked and devastated. He had never even raised his voice against Priya, let alone physically abused her or demanded dowry. The police arrested Rajesh, and he spent several days in jail before being granted bail.

Rajesh was completely lost and didn't know what to do. He was an innocent man, and yet he was being falsely accused and subjected to immense stress and humiliation. That was when a friend told him about LTR and how it could help him get justice. Rajesh contacted the Men's Cell and enrolled for their LTR program. The Men's Cell assigned a team of lawyers and legal experts who worked tirelessly on Rajesh's case.

The LTR team collected all the evidence and witnesses that proved Rajesh's innocence. They cross-examined Priya and her family and exposed their lies in the court. The LTR team also presented Rajesh's side of the story and highlighted the mental and physical abuse that Priya had subjected him to. The judges were convinced of Rajesh's innocence, and the false case against him was dismissed.

Rajesh was finally free from the false accusations and could start rebuilding his life. He was grateful to the LTR team and the Men's Cell for their support and help. He said, "LTR is a ray of hope for men who are falsely accused in India. It gives them the legal representation and support they need to fight against false cases and get justice."

In conclusion, LTR provides numerous benefits to men who are falsely accused in India. It provides legal representation, support, and guidance to men who are otherwise lost and helpless in the legal system. LTR ensures that men are not subjected to false accusations, harassment, and humiliation. It gives them a voice and helps them get justice. For this reason, LTR is considered a blessing for men in India, and it is only going to become more popular and necessary in the coming years.

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NRI - QUASH Vs Anticipatrory Bail

FIR QUASH and CHARGE SHEET QUASH are the two options available for NRI's.

WHY FIR QUASH instead of Anticipatory Bail for NRI's ?
Because, immediately after applying for anticipatory bail, the police will start searching & may also apply to the court for NBW (Non-Bailable Warrant) against the accused who are in USA or other countries.

What is the harm in Appplying A.B. by NRI's ?
It is because to get bail, NRI might have to come to India if the court orders his personal appearance otherwise it will be termed as if the NRI not obeying the court orders. Hence, the NRI has to either get A.B. or surrender to lower court to get bail, so QUASH FOR NRI .is best suggested here

Two most famous types of quash are there viz.,

It can be done any time after FIR is lodged.

It can be done any time after Charge Sheet is filed in the lower court. But it is preferable to be filed/ applied immediately after chargesheet is filed by the police so that the police does not get a chance to apply for bail cancellation of NRI.

Can we do something equivalent to quash in the lower court ?
There is nothing equivalent to quash in lower court but there is an alternate option which can help the NRI procastinate the charge sheet even after filing of the chargesheet. This is known as returning of the chargesheet by the accused vide an application to the court citing some lacunaes in the chargesheet.

What is Lacunae in the chargesheet ?
Lacunae means something wrong, something missing or some loophole or some incomplete/ wrong information recorded in investigation or sometimes a totally false investigation or no investigation at all conducted by the police. This is called lacunae.

How can We catch the lacunae for NRI?
Chargesheet (C.S.) mostly have the lacunae. CS should NOT be a copy paste of FIR in your case & further they must follow a set procedure.
Further, there is 90 days time limiation to file CS.
You need to work on this 90 days via pressure tactics using RTI in the form of guidelines, standard practices, rules, laws, judgments, standing orders & the link.
Once you are out of this 90 days time limitation & your 13 RTI's are in place then you get many points in hand to return the CS in the name of lacunaes in the CS when the police will come to the court for your BAIL CANCELLATION.

Is it necessary for NRI to come to India ?
Can court case be fought party-in-person without coming to India ?
Can I give Power of Attorney (POA) to my relative ?
What is the best way to fight false court case by NRI ?
To get answer for all these questions, it is suggested that you kindly book a phonic appointment (consultation on the phone) with Hon'ble Atur Chatur by paying him the consultation fees. 
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Quash on the basis of non-consummation, ADULTERY  or annulment by NRI ?
The dissolution of marriage on the basis of non consummation of marriage has to be due to the impotency of the respondent i.e. if the wife of NRI is impotent which the NRI have to prove it by medical evidence if she is contesting the petition for annulment, the proof of her relationship with other man will only be secondary in nature & if there exist actual sexual relationship outside marriage of your wife than this can be made a ground for divorce not annulment.

The non-resident Indians & their relatives trapped in false 498a can take the help of Hon’ble Atur Chatur Sir by visiting or email
NRI can fight the false court case without coming to India.
NRI can fight false court case party in person just through representations sent by him from outside India & pressing the counter cases against the wife sitting right outside India,
Similarly, NBW issues, LOC Issues, Passport Issues, Proclaimed Offender/ Look Out Circular Isues can be fought by his without entering India & that too without the help of any lawyer or advocate or even vakalatnama & through his POA i.e., Power of Attorney to his relatives only & NEVER EVER POA TO ANY ADVOCATE OR LAWYER.
Counter cases against wife, against her government employee father in law & other false witnesses can be done using RTI & direct complaints & that too through representations & without coming to India.
NOTE:- Corruption can be fought sitting right outside India. Similarly, false dowry harassment complaints, false domestic violence complaints & false maintenance complaints or litigations can be fought using Perjury u/s 340 & many other representations directly to those authorities which matters the most.
Hon’ble Atur Chatur Sir can be contacted at or for further details & consulting can be booked with him for consulting over the phone the entire matter before proceeding further. To book an appointment with Atur Chatur kindly click here

Mahatma Gandhi said, "IF YOU DON'T ASK, YOU DON'T GET"

Hope this will help you guys....................all the best
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NRI benefits from LTR by aturchatur from Delhi's Man Cell. How?

Legal Technical Representation (LTR) is a revolutionary concept in India that provides legal representation and support to husbands who are ...