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NRI - QUASH Vs Anticipatrory Bail

FIR QUASH and CHARGE SHEET QUASH are the two options available for NRI's.

WHY FIR QUASH instead of Anticipatory Bail for NRI's ?
Because, immediately after applying for anticipatory bail, the police will start searching & may also apply to the court for NBW (Non-Bailable Warrant) against the accused who are in USA or other countries.

What is the harm in Appplying A.B. by NRI's ?
It is because to get bail, NRI might have to come to India if the court orders his personal appearance otherwise it will be termed as if the NRI not obeying the court orders. Hence, the NRI has to either get A.B. or surrender to lower court to get bail, so QUASH FOR NRI .is best suggested here

Two most famous types of quash are there viz.,

It can be done any time after FIR is lodged.

It can be done any time after Charge Sheet is filed in the lower court. But it is preferable to be filed/ applied immediately after chargesheet is filed by the police so that the police does not get a chance to apply for bail cancellation of NRI.

Can we do something equivalent to quash in the lower court ?
There is nothing equivalent to quash in lower court but there is an alternate option which can help the NRI procastinate the charge sheet even after filing of the chargesheet. This is known as returning of the chargesheet by the accused vide an application to the court citing some lacunaes in the chargesheet.

What is Lacunae in the chargesheet ?
Lacunae means something wrong, something missing or some loophole or some incomplete/ wrong information recorded in investigation or sometimes a totally false investigation or no investigation at all conducted by the police. This is called lacunae.

How can We catch the lacunae for NRI?
Chargesheet (C.S.) mostly have the lacunae. CS should NOT be a copy paste of FIR in your case & further they must follow a set procedure.
Further, there is 90 days time limiation to file CS.
You need to work on this 90 days via pressure tactics using RTI in the form of guidelines, standard practices, rules, laws, judgments, standing orders & the link.
Once you are out of this 90 days time limitation & your 13 RTI's are in place then you get many points in hand to return the CS in the name of lacunaes in the CS when the police will come to the court for your BAIL CANCELLATION.

Is it necessary for NRI to come to India ?
Can court case be fought party-in-person without coming to India ?
Can I give Power of Attorney (POA) to my relative ?
What is the best way to fight false court case by NRI ?
To get answer for all these questions, it is suggested that you kindly book a phonic appointment (consultation on the phone) with Hon'ble Atur Chatur by paying him the consultation fees. 
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Quash on the basis of non-consummation, ADULTERY  or annulment by NRI ?
The dissolution of marriage on the basis of non consummation of marriage has to be due to the impotency of the respondent i.e. if the wife of NRI is impotent which the NRI have to prove it by medical evidence if she is contesting the petition for annulment, the proof of her relationship with other man will only be secondary in nature & if there exist actual sexual relationship outside marriage of your wife than this can be made a ground for divorce not annulment.

The non-resident Indians & their relatives trapped in false 498a can take the help of Hon’ble Atur Chatur Sir by visiting www.aturchatur.com or email aturchatur@yahoo.com
NRI can fight the false court case without coming to India.
NRI can fight false court case party in person just through representations sent by him from outside India & pressing the counter cases against the wife sitting right outside India,
Similarly, NBW issues, LOC Issues, Passport Issues, Proclaimed Offender/ Look Out Circular Isues can be fought by his without entering India & that too without the help of any lawyer or advocate or even vakalatnama & through his POA i.e., Power of Attorney to his relatives only & NEVER EVER POA TO ANY ADVOCATE OR LAWYER.
Counter cases against wife, against her government employee father in law & other false witnesses can be done using RTI & direct complaints & that too through representations & without coming to India.
NOTE:- Corruption can be fought sitting right outside India. Similarly, false dowry harassment complaints, false domestic violence complaints & false maintenance complaints or litigations can be fought using Perjury u/s 340 & many other representations directly to those authorities which matters the most.
Hon’ble Atur Chatur Sir can be contacted at www.aturchatur.com or www.fightfalse498a.blogspot.com for further details & consulting can be booked with him for consulting over the phone the entire matter before proceeding further. To book an appointment with Atur Chatur kindly click here

Mahatma Gandhi said, "IF YOU DON'T ASK, YOU DON'T GET"

Hope this will help you guys....................all the best
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  1. I m NRI and I divorced my wife thru Qazi in India as per Muslim Pesonal law and practice. After two month she filed false 498A. Police made accused to me and my father. My father got bail. Now bail petition for me is under hearing. If I get bail, should I travel to India to appear in court to formalise the bail? If I travel India, Can I return to my job without any legal obstacle or objection? Pls reply me. Thanks.

    1. you must get a detailed consultation with me so that I can guide you various strategies which can't be written in an open forum.

      Consultation over the phone procedure is listed at website:-


  2. sir, i am a non resident indian currently working in united kingdom.
    my wife has filed false police complaint against me by visiting india and i lawyers are suggesting me to file for quash and they are asking me to pay very hefty amount. one of the lawwyers is even guaranteeing me that he will get bail for me unethically and he is demanding very huge amount for this.'

    i am confused.
    is it right time for a NRI to file for quash?
    please help me as the dowry claims of my wife are totally false and she doesn't have any proofs etc.

    1. no, quash by non resident indian is not suggested.
      you can file few applications at lower court itself as a counter attack against your wife for these false cases.
      to discuss complete details, you are suggested to get a consultation with me over the phone so I can guide you the strategy.

      to book an appointment with me kindly check the procedure at my website:-

      Email me at:-

  3. I was about to file quash in high court but afterreading this site named NRI QUASH i strongly agree that quash should not be used in a hurry.

    NRI like me who area bout to get permanent residency status in USA or UK do acommon mistake by filing high court quash of 498a FIR but as rightlysaid by aturchatur sir one must go for quashing atlower court legally &technically using order vii rule 11

    i am thannkful for this usefulinformation and i personally recommend all NRI or non resident indians to contact atur chatur to fight your false cases without coming to india

  4. NRI RAJWINDER UK28 April 2017 at 23:27

    i AM FROM uk.
    atur chatur at right time guided me about not to file quash through this site.

    i am about to win my cases which were filed by my wife.

    aturchatur very well planned my 420 IPC application and my wife & her family is really after us to sign on settlement i.e., zero cost settlemnt./

    thanks atur chatur and I recommened this nri service for all men rights activists of us & uk.

    NRI Espert aturchatur really has a deep knowledge of NRI laws. I am happy tp have used the service f atur chatur

  5. nri amit srivastava1 May 2017 at 23:35

    i am nri.
    i used the services of atur chatur
    this site really helpoed me
    i have broken my false cases at lower court lecvel without lawyer and without coming to india
    thanks to atur chatur sir for this great service for nopn resident indians.
    i highly recommend atur chatur to all NRI from usa & uk as he is the best NRI SUPPORT GRIOUP for false 498a by wives of nri

  6. NRI Amanpreet Jaur4 May 2017 at 23:47

    my lawyer asked me 2 lakh rupees for filing quash but atur chatur charged me just 5k

    he made a very simple yet direct application based on technicality &legality and my name got removed.
    quashing is a waste of time.

    atur chatur helped me got my name removed without filing quash.

    thanks to atur chatur for this great service for non resident indians like me whose bhabhis file false allegations on them.

    i am about to file criminal defamation againstmy bhabhi with the help of atur chatur/

    i recommend this nice service to all NRI victims and also for property matters as NRI GURU chatur bhai has allthe knowledge how to handle BRI PROPERTY ISSUES also.

  7. NRI DINESH USA9 May 2017 at 23:23

    i am dinesh a non esdnent indian from maharashtra. my wife filed false 498a & i contacted atrchatur sir. he advised me not to file quash and suggested me to directly file fwew RTI's & HC Writ to strengthen my case.

    he is also expert in NRI Passport issues & NRI Look out Circular related RTI's till the CIC level.
    i RECOMMEND ALL NRI's to use at least once the service of atur chatur and fel the difference.

  8. NRI USA seeking 498a Quash in High Court16 May 2017 at 02:03

    Hi, I am a non resident indian seeking quashing of the FIR in high court of judicature.,
    is it the right time to go for quash of false 498a and also quash of false domestic violence proceedings.

    Quash u/s 482 criminal procedure code is very difficult but this option shopuld not be exercised so I contacted atur chatur.

    i am advised to file RTI for passport, RTI LOC (lOOK oUT cIRCULAR) and also RTI & FA & CIC and also writ in high court when needed as that's the right approach to handle false 498a.

    I am highly satisfied and I have got consultation fropm atur chatur through aturchatur.com

    I am now looking to cloase false 498a through Contempt of Court regarding which I read at the site www.SocialStigma.IN (INDIA) website

  9. NRI USA fsuffering false 498a18 May 2017 at 06:04

    hi, i am NRI from maharashtra. i am suffering from false 498a.
    i hacve tonnes of proofs & evidenes still the high court sent my case file to the lower courty for decision,
    this is really disgusting and ridiculous.

    the thoughts of atur chatur sir above are the correct ones as quashing of 498a FIR is really a waste of time.

    but of course CS Quashing as I read on chargesheetquash.blogspot.com is the right decision.

    i will soon do it with the help of atur chatur sir as he is the wonderful guy in catching lacunaes and challenging the CS or even returning the chargesjheet due to thgese lacunaes.

    this is recommended as the best NRI helper in the town for men rights activists and not just the men vicitims of false 498a

  10. Quash u/s 482 can be filed by non resident Indian provided he has ample evidences.
    if he can prove domestic violence by his wife on him and he files DV case against his wife in a western contry especially USA & UK then Quash becomes a little easier to get success.

    NRI QUASH is an attempt and I see quashing getting simplified for NRI's suffering from false cases.

  11. NRI QUASH is the best service for those non resident indians who are trapped in false 498a by their wives.

    Preethi Versus State of Jharkhand judgment can be used to quash false 498a on those relatives of husband who rarely stayed at the matrimonial home with the complainant.

    Otherwise, the wife will keep touching hands on diferent relatives and all of those will keep on attaching to false 498a thereby abuse of the process of th courts.

    Hence, NRI QUASH can be filed for quashing under section 482 of criminal proceure code.

    NRI QUASH in an attempt to help the NRI from USA and also NRI from UK ABOUT how to file quash in high court India.

    If you are looking for seraching for get high court lawyer/ advocate quash services then read the comments and also the discussion at http://www.nriquash.com

    NRI from USA needs help in quashing false 498a IPC USING U/S 482 cRpc discretinary powrs of te court read with Bhajan Lal Judgment by Supreme Court of India

  12. Best Lawyer advocate is referred for NRI USA, NRI UK, NRI CANADA, NRI DUBAI DOHA who lants to remove the look out circular tag and want to get the charge sheet quashed or get their FIR quashed in India without coming to India.

    NRI Quash is the best service I have ever found as it also helps the quashing of FOC i.e., charges framed.

    Instead of getting the FOC DISCHARGED its better that quashing of charges once framed are done.

    Three levals of quashing are there viz.,

    Quashing of FIR u/s 482
    Quashing of Charge Sheet under section 482
    Framing of Charges Quash Application in High Court of Judicature.

    Summons can be quashed or challenged in lower court

    Recall is yet anopther option vbesieds review, revision & appeal.
    Recall is strongest

    But of court NRI QUASH suggests quashing of any level opf false police action or false court order sheet even quashing of order sheet or quashing of summons wrongly issued to non-domestic relatives under false 498a

    read with

    Preetrjhi vs State of Jharkhand judgment by Suipreme Court of India gebce quashing is a right.
    Quash u/s is a fundamental right guaranteded tio every citizen of India

    This is indeed the best NRTI 498A HELPLINE IN INDIA FOR THE MEN RIGHTS and it also helpsd in Human Rights of NRI viz.,

  13. Sir, I need you to quash the 498a IPC FIR registered against me.
    As per Rajesh Sharma Judgment, if this judgment can be quashed or closed in lower court or before the police using this latest judgment by Supreme Court dated 27/07/2017 then I will be highly thankful to you.

    I am paying you your consultation fees Rs. 2,000/- only at your payment link http://www.paymentshayment.com
    Please guide me on the phone, how to proceed with closing or quashing this false 498a FIR r/w the Rajesh Sharma Judgment of Supreme Court
    Sir, if you feel that there is any documentation to be prepared from you to PRESS THE RAJESH SHARMA JUDGMENT then I am ready to pay you the fees Rs.29,999/- as per the LTR suggested by you at SOCIALSTIGMA.IN website.

    Sir, I am really in need of urgent help. Do help me quash this false FIR or at least tell me HOW TO CLOSE THE FALSE FIR
    Thanks for an urgent and immediate reply in anticipation.


  14. NRI 's looking for Quash of fake #MeToo allegations are requested to go and read Jim Cosby Judgment.

    If you are NRI from USA {United Stated of America based Non Resident Indian} or NRI from UK| Australia | Gulf East then you are probably aware how the Jim Cosby's conviction in a #FakeMeToo allegations has bought furore in the circles and majority of Americans believe that these #MeToo allegations are NOT naming and shaming but these are infact tools to harass men you knew long back probably decades back as happened with guy named JIM COSBY from America/ USA who was a comedian around four decades back.

    This #FakeMeToo bug has hit the Indian industries also especially the known celebrities from media and entertainment industry and also many such high profile boys/ men from Page 2 i.e., those who were part of Page2 or Page3 of media frenzy.

    These #FakeMeToo allegations have resulted in stepping down of these celebrities or hiugh profile guys from their posts and filing civil defamation or criminal defamation is NOT the real solution.

    Hence, those NRI Indians i.e., Non Resident Indians who wish to go for NRI QUASH and for whom thie Quash u/s 482 of Criminal Procedure Code is too relevant that they feel like going for FIR QUASH or CHARGE SHEET QUASH vis-a-vis NRI QUSH i.e., what we call popularly as the NRI QUASH but this nri quash of allegations against the nri husbands or nri ex-husbands, ex-liveins, ex-boyfriends, ex-coworkes may NOT quash for the NRI that easily as these QUASH FOR NRI comes with conditions so NRI QUASH is NOT as better as filing counters or challenges i.e., #YouToo vis-a-vis #LTR against NRI qUASH CONDTIONS to fight these false allegations against a NRI or celebrity Indians who are outside India for their work most of the times.

    How to close a false #MeToo complaint

  15. If you want to find the complaint copy filed by wife in the CAW Cell and if you are the NRI husband being trapped in Legal Extortion by your NRI wife then you need to understand few questions viz.,
    caw cell complaint online
    and RTI to get it from PIO of Crime Against Women Cell
    caw cell complaint format in hindi
    or can RTI be filed in Hindi in CAW Cell Delhi
    how to get complaint copy from caw cell online
    using RTI Online portal and the fees payable for RTI CAW Cell
    rti copy complaint
    for complaint of CAW by wife at delhi
    how to handle caw cell
    so that the allegations made at Crime Against Women Cell are given to husband as per Delhi High Court orders
    mediation in caw cell u/s 89 CPC
    for counselling the husband wife for voluntary reconciliation
    caw cell proceedings
    handling of procedures of CAW in delhi
    can caw cell complaint be quashed u/s 482 Delhi High Court

    1. In order to get complaint copy from CAW Cell, it is pertinent that, the below website for CAW Cell may be gone through as Crime Against Women Cell may never give you the complaint copy on demand and they may try to waste your (NRI Husband's) time so that the pressure may be build up on the NRI husband

      Quiash may never be filed by the NRI husband but if there is a need to file Quahs then that has to be done ONLY AFTER a LTR is filed against the Wife or against the false litigation of the wife.

  16. sir, i read your wonderful post about nri quash.
    i was on H1-B visa to USA and now i am back in India.
    my wife married me when i was NRI in USA in 2015 and immediately after marriage she got her passport visa readied and went to me in USA but she filed false 498a FIR against my entire family.
    sir, i want to know, what is rooster in a high court as a lawyer told me to not file quash right now and wait for the high court rooster to change and that time he will apply for my quash petition
    is it right to apply quash by a past nri who is now an indian resident?
    what are the losses or disadvantages if we apply for quash or nri quash?
    any other valuable guidance for an ex-nri from usa

  17. Hi Mr Atur

    I came across your name on the internet referred to me by a men rights activist from save indian families guy from delhi and have few question.

    My brother is in India right now and his wife has filed 498A FIR against him, against my parents, myself and my sister.

    I am a USA citizen and I have been living here for last 16 years.
    My sister sushmita is also a USA citizen and has been living there for last 23 years.
    My both parents are USA permanent residents and they have been living with me for major part of last 9 years.
    My sister-in-law has accused all four of us in the FIR based on an false incident she claims happened 14 years ago. My brother has applied and already he has got the anticipatory bail.

    But I am wondering about the right procedure to get this false FIR u/s 498a quashed i.e., how to handle this for us i.e., at least 4 of us who are in the USA.

    We are thinking to file for quashing of the FIR under section 482 crpc but this above blog or website of yours says not to file any quash as the quash comes with conditions.

    But sir, the police is saying that we 4 will need to come to India to get our statements recorded or at least once so that they can record our statements technically else they won't be able to file/ present a charge sheet or final report.

    Sir, Can you please let me know

    Do I and my sister and parents need to go to India and appear before the police to provide my statement? or these can be done through video conferencing?

    Phonic Recording of statement is not enough as suggested to be by a MRA. Is that correct?

    What happens if we decide not to go to India at all? I mean any possibility of NBWs?

    What are the legal or technical steps to file for quashing the FIR u/s 482 CRIMINAL PROCEDURE CODE?

    We have created an application for 482. Will you chec k these?

    But do we require this 482 crpc petition to be endorsed from the US embassy or Indian Embassy in USA?

    Nakul Mehrotra
    US Citizen

  18. NRI AMIT GUPTA USA28 January 2019 at 18:17

    Dear Sirs,
    I am Dr. Amit Gupta from USA and I am a Non Resident Indian currently in India for attending false compliant of my wife in crime against women cell in delhi.

    I read the above site by you regarding NRI QUASH in which you have suggested NRI husbands from USA/ UK etc like me to NOT file quashing under section 482 else we may get trapped in conditions by the court.

    I just checked your site just today, but last month itself, I filed / applied for anticipatory bail and my passport has been taken up and kept by the police on directions by the court. How can I now do the practise in USA for my medical practice. It's disheartening to marry an Indian girl especially for us NRI's from USA etc.

    I applied for quashing last week and even more conditions like travel restrictions have been placed on me along with solvent surety worth Rs. 50,000 for each of my family members including myself.

    It's really disgusting.
    Now, the police is asking me to attend court every week in Delhi and I need to come from Hyderabad by plane every week to attend the PS and now the polcie is threatening me to implicate me else they want me to pay Rs. 6 crores to my wife for settlement. Is this matrimonial business of India?
    How can I protect myself from these things?

    I read about your site:-

    and I want to know the exact procedure about getting protection from false and arbitrary arrest of myself or my parents in this false case. How can you help me? How can you help my NRI sister who is in deep trauma now?

    Dr. Amit Gupta from Philadelphia USA {a Non Resident Indian suffering from false 498a}

  19. atur chatur helpline for men in false 498a (9873540498) for NRI (Non Resident Indian) may help a NRI in knowing how to reduce alimony because the alimony or maintenance may be cut by invoking human rights and attacking legal extortion at the right point

    a LTR may be the right approach if the husband wishes to expose falsity of wife thereby reducing alimony or may be arriving at Zero Alimony for the wife based on LTR as per socialstigma.in

    In Delhi also such NRI from all over India may be able to get help from Atur Chatur by his able consultation

    so, go ahead and file LTR

  20. NRI QUASH is searched by non resident Indians when they are trapped in false 498a and they get further trapped into divorce lawyers and 498a lawyers who may connive with his wife, and squeeze the NRI husband in the name of quashing of FIR u/s 498a by citing claims that this will be quashed, They never tell NRI that the quash of FIR against NRI comes with conditions such as passport seizure, travel restrictions and other conditions which may hamper the growth and development of the NRI and may harm his career and finances adversely. In such matters, the real help is provided through closing of fasle caw cell complaint by wife, so that the NRI may file a pre-quash LTR which may ensure that he is not trapped in conditions of the court. closing of false caw and false 498a against NRI within lower court is easier and suggested rather than running through HC to SC.

  21. for NRI QUASH contact MAN CELL delhi's helpline number at:- 9873540498

  22. PART 1:-
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  24. sir, i am nri. and i want to quashing fir my 498a in delhi india. i am in uk. i am from narela near delhi haryana border. is there any nri quash helpline in delhi or haryana. i want to file complaint in nri man cell in delhi also. please help me

  25. Hitendra Mohan Pandit18 September 2021 at 16:10

    I am in government job. I am suffering from Obesity from past 20 years + since I was in school. I got a notice on my whatsapp in UAE number as I am a Gulf Resident i.e., NRI from Dubai/ Saudi Arabia in the Middle East working in Indian Embassy related government department there. I want to know what to do on knowing about false complaint in caw cell especially when such false complaint is made against the NRI by his wife in India.

  26. Closing a false complaint of a wife is important or else whatever action you take later on, may squarely fall under AFTER THOUGHTS

    There are several Dharnajeevis, MRA NGO's, Lawyers, Pseudo Activists, Whatsapp Groups, Chat Groups managed by Lawyers & their commission agents on internet who WIN THE TRUST of men victims & destroy even those genuine cases which can be very easily resolved, and once the husband falls under such traps then his case becomes unsolvable

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NRI benefits from LTR by aturchatur from Delhi's Man Cell. How?

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